Kayaks and canoes

We organize kayaking and canoeing trips on the most beautiful rivers of Pomerania, West Pomerania and Kashubia. Our kayaks Perception Vista Prijon Cruiser II, III and Canoes sail on the following Pomeranian rivers: Brda, Zbrzyca Wda, Słupia, Łupawa, Wieprza, Gwda, Drawa and others. These constitute ideal places for active rest and for spending free time in kayak and canoe away from the civilization, noise and mass tourism.

Our central office and kayak rental is located in Polen Swornegacie – Kashubia at the mouth of the Brda river, near the campsite with showers and hot water. On the trip commencement and completion day we collect the kayaks, and the drivers who left their cars at the beginning of the route are transported back to them. We also offer luggage transportation along the river.

Kayaking trips will provide you with amazing impressions and will enable you to learn the history and the rich culture of the region. The time spent in kayak or canoe is a perfect relaxation for people preferring active forms of spending spare time.

Our kayaks and canoes will enable you to meet rare species of birds, beavers and otters searching for food. We organize group trips and also individual trips where you can choose the route and the time by yourself. For those customers who do not have much time we offer one-day trips or weekend trips on our rivers in Bory Tucholskie – Brda, Zbrzyca, Chocina or Kłonecznica.

At your disposal we have one or two – person kayaks and three or four- person canoes and also (new) very comfortable, spacious and resistant kayaks with seats of polyethylene of ''VISTA'' type and Prijon Cruiser II, III together with equipment, life- jackets, buses for transporting you and the kayaks, and a parking lot for the Customers for the trip period.

You are most welcome !

What I bring to the canoe?


* tent with small type sizes iglo
* Karimata possibly blow up mattress
* sleeping bag adapted to the thermal conditions of the period in which the chute
* Tourist-burner gas cylinder (type Camping Gaz) small
* water tank
* universal penknife (for example, to open canned)
* torch (preferably waterproof)
* Lighter or matches
* Garbage bags
* waterproof bags for things
* shovel
* Small hatchet
* waterproof pouch for mobile and other documents
* Tourist toolbox (fork - knife - spoon, canteen), cup


* bath towel, swimming trunks - swimsuit
* Waterproof shoes and sandals for wading in water (preferably with a strap on the heel)
* a baseball cap, sunglasses
* plain long-sleeved shirt with the best cotton
* one thicker sweater, sweatshirt fleece may be a possible cold evenings
* raincoat in case of anything
* militia-type trousers
* type shoes sneakers
* T-shirts, shorts, according to the needs
* gloves for the comfort of rowing


* painkillers (eg aspirin), etc.
* appropriate amount of cash - the route usually lack ATMs
* sunscreen cream, spray, etc.
* something for mosquitoes and other insects on the long evenings
* hydrogen peroxide, plasters, bandages, etc.
* measure for burns
* playing cards, book

Duble Kayak Perception Vista


Double Kayak Prijon Cruiser II


Triple Kayak Prijon Cruiser III


Kajak Single Perception Carolina


Kanoe three/four Rainbow Apache16


Kanoe double Old Town Discovery 158


Aprons Kayak


Waterproof barrels Prijon 3l, 7l, 10l, 20l


Waterproof bags Crosso 12l, 20l, 40l, 60l, 80l


Campus Tent double or triple

2-pers. 40PLN

3-pers. 50PLN

Transport : from 1,20 PLN/ km

Luggage transport: 1,20 PLN/ km

Agnieszka Jakubowska

ul. Leśna 2

89-608 Swornegacie

Tel. +48 605 556 023

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Agnieszka Jakubowska
Tel. 697 697 701
GG: 10403652


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